Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bad idea ...

... Recipes as Sacred Texts?

Only bad cooks adhere rigidly to the texts of recipes.


  1. In his introduction to M.F.K. Fisher's Art of Eating, W.H. Auden, as a person "who cannot cook," said ". . . much as I enjoy reading recipes, they remain for me mysterious magical spells . . . ."

  2. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Boy, do I ever agree with that, Frank. Years ago, when I was only just learning to cook, I followed recipes to the letter 'cause I didn't know how to deviate. Turns out I had a copy of Craig Claiborne's NYTIMES cookbook that had lots of typos. I was making a dessert that told me to saute some butter over high heat for 33 minutes (it should have said seconds). Allan watched the panfire that ensued and the caramel-baked unusable pan that resulted. I was just sure the recipe had to be right, no matter what common sense told me.