Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Amazing Mary Gets All Dolled Up . . .

Apart from Books, Inq.: The Epiblogue, Dr. Mary Beard's A Don's Life ranks as one of my all-time numero-uno bloggerunoes. Something-special-delivery plus; and, her latest, "Paupers Go Shopping on Rodeo Drive," shows (not tells) why. On that wall, I would give my eye-specs to be a-buzzin' fly.

Fashion smashion.

However, speaking of same, I withdraw my vote for Linda Grant's scooping of The Man Booker, on purely pauperly grounds. (I'm more a Mary than a Linda type, I guess. Anyone familiar with the symbolism and significance of those names in literature will additionally see the appropriateness of why this is so important to me.) Laboutins sounds like a meal (or twenty) to me, something to do with button-bow pasta, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, methinks.

Sorry? You've not seen her blog, neither? Read it and remember why high couture is also very steep. (One of Mary's commentarians, Tony Francis, offers the kind of advice only a man would give, thank the Lard.)

CONFIDENTIAL to DR. MB: Congrats on the raves for the new book, Goddess :).

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