Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whither Burnt Head's Kenneth J. Harvey?

This list, posted over a month ago, has hot-and-bothered me, not because of who made the grade; but, because it doesn't include the great Kenneth J. Harvey (who is, as many of you know, on the Giller Thriller this year). There isn't a writer on this list I'd turf from it; but, it's not complete (and won't be) until KJH is added to it (for so many reasons, NTM so many wonderful novels and short stories).

Yeah, he's not quiet; and, obviously, he's never going to be, either. Plus, why should he be? Someone explain *that* to me (preferably in this century).

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  1. I'll second that, Judith. I've never met Kenneth, but we have corresponded, and I loved The Town That Forgot How to Breathe.

  2. Gawd, it must be at least a dozen years ago, now; but, I did meet Ken; and, I can honestly say, Mr. Harvey's utterly charming and charismatic as hell. When he speaks his mind, it's worth listening to the cadences of his thoughts; he'll never be normal, nope, that keerist, nor is he obliged to be. I hope he wins the thing. He's got a family and an enormous talent to support. (Also, he used some lines from one of my books as an epigraph for one of his books. Full disclosure, right? Outtasight!)