Friday, September 26, 2008

Radiohead announces

new remix possibilities. The band made "stems" of its song "Reckoner" (the individual instrument tracks and other elements of the song) available to people who wished to remix it, then created this website, where remixers could upload their songs to share them with the world. You can listen to the uploaded remixes there. Neat, huh? Word to the wise, if you download the stems and listen to them individually, prepare for the fright of your life when you hear Tom Yorke yowling a capella stylee. Yikes. Now they've made the stems of the song "Nude" available for the same purposes. Have at it, musicians of the future.

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  1. This comment's for Katie . . .

    LOVE Young Yorke's voice. The only Radiohead CD I don't own is In Rainbows (simply because I haven't been near an outlet that might sell it here in the north); but, speaking of interesting alternate promo routes, seems Oasis is "previewing" its newest, dropping next week, on its MySpace page (and, I don't have a MySpace, YourSpace, or BookFace account; so, can't verify the veracity of this statement).

    What I can report with accuracy is that, for the not-so-youngster between us, NPR is offering a free streaming preview of Bob Dylan's double-CD set, Tell Tale Signs, for six more days; and, the details concerning same can be accessed here (although, I know, I ought to go to NPR and find the URL myself):


    But, Katie, I ought to also add that Radiohead is *not* my fave band on the current soundscape; it's a close second; top honours would have to go to NIN. I even tried downloading the free tracks you mentioned in a post earlier this year; but, alas, on dial-up, it was all for nought.

    Almost. I did find a 'site featuring a bandwidth meter that told me exactly what my modem's speed was (despite the fact Sympatico had lead me to believe I was clipping along at 53.3 kbps):

    (Click on "Speed Test" under Quick Links. Good for ISDN, DSL, and D/U.)

    Also, you can send a text message (no charge via the drop-down menu) if you, like yours truly, live in an area where cell 'phones don't work because there are no satellite towers here . . . yet. We've heard rumours they'll arrive sometime around 2012 (which means, most likely, 2015). According to the Death Clock 'site, that gives me eight years to use my Blackberry I want for Xmas the year fibre-optics and satellites do appear on our horizon. Wow! (I wish I was special . . . :).)