Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Getting to know ...

... our very own Judith Fitzgerald: The Writing on the Wall.


  1. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Fascinating profile, and I can certainly relate to much of it!

  2. Anonymous7:04 AM

    A genuine apology is offered with honesty and humility. A genuine apology does not shift blame, and does not demand a response. A genuine apology is not used to construct a personal mythology for publicity.

  3. No wonder I adore you, Ed, and feel so comfortable over at your place. Yes, I can imagine you can (and, I think, you will understand when I say I intuited that, somehow; it's part of the upside, I guess).

    There's a kind of brother/sisterhood in that and, out of that experience, I arrived at a definition of what a saint is: "A saint is a person who doesn't want nor need to hurt you."

    I had promised Brandi I'd post this piece when it first ran (four years ago); and, I only got around to it during a conversation I was having via email and felt stupid sitting on my hands waiting for the next instalment. It makes me feel so GOOOOD to know you took something positive and understanding away from it (considering all the joy you've shared with us, your devoted readers). Thank you.

    BTW, that wall was demolished (and, I knew it would be; I had just moved into the house when I wrote it, another reason why it wasn't bizthness as usual or, IOW, it's safe to visit, Frank, Maxine, Nigel, Ed, Susan, Hedgie, Veronica, Rus, Nannette, Roger, Art, Dave, et.al. when I host the GR-8 2010 Bloggers' Expo to match the G-8 Summit).