Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Good news ...

... in my neighborhood. Father Gerald Carey, the new pastor of my parish, has scheduled a sung Latin Mass for the Eve of All Souls Day, which is this Saturday. This will not be the Tridentine Mass, but it is a good way getting parishioners acquainted with the Latin text. (As the link in this earlier post indicates, "the new order of mass, promulgated by Pope Paul VI after the Second Vatican Council, was originally meant to be usually in Latin ...")
As Father Carey noted in a recent parish bulletin, "we have seen a great resurgence of interest in Gregorian Chant especially with the recordings of the monks of Santo Domingo de Silos. Many people both old and young are attracted to it because of its simplicity, beauty and timeless quality. One of the things that have been lamented though is that it is rarely heard anymore in the place where it belongs, that is, the Catholic Mass. While Chant can be therapeutic for many, above all it is first and foremost sung prayer ... (italics mine).
So if you are in the area Saturday, the Mass will be at 5. Remember, this is the church in the Italian Market. There are plenty of good reasons to visit here on a Saturday. St. Paul's is on Christian Street, betweem Ninth and 10th Streets.

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