Saturday, November 22, 2008

BTW, Nineteenth-Century Euphemisms . . .

. . . intended only to bring a smile your way :):

Emptying the Saloon
Pocket Punch 'n' Judy
Signing the John Hancock
Dragging Thyself to Hell, One Hand's Breadth at a Time
Waving to Queen Victoria
Trying for a Scarlet "M"
Oiling the Pennywhistle
Assaulting the Tower of London
Cleaning the Musket
Quashing the Southern Uprising
Monitoring your Merrimac
Driving the Golden Spike
Delivering the Ejaculation Proclamation
Churning the Codpiece Butter
Square Dancing with Satan < ---- Personal Fave
Addressing Lord Palmer


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Are these genuine 19th Century phrases? Or modern inventions on 19th Century themes?

  2. Apparently, Pete,they are the genuine article; but, the person who sent them to me can't remember where they found them or from whom they received them (however, they promised to do some checking; so, if they find anything further, I'll let you know). They don't look genuine to me (which is why I began with the proviso they were for their merrimirth worth only).

  3. Hello, Encore, Pete:

    Finally! You shall have to decide for yourself whether these euphemisms are inventions or the real zing-ding thing.