Saturday, November 22, 2008

Check out ...

... Pax Americana.

Bear in mind this blog is now a joint Canadian-American enterprise. (Oh Judith, would you stop Bogarting that spiff, please?)


  1. [*beam*]

    "May the beaver and the eagle make beautiful poetry-babies together!"


    What's mine is yours :) . . .

    But, not even Canadian roach clips reach that far!

  2. Heh, I call this continent Big MAC, right? Mexico-America-Canada; but, it just dawned on me:

    Mexico and Canada both boast of fairly decent reputations when it comes to rolled gold; however, the US really benefits most (given the fact you have lots of choices for a goodly number of ingredients).

    Say, the way your soon-to-be-prez's "people" seem to be fairly liberal, I wonder if personal-use pot-shot possession will now be decriminalised?

    And, although this is an utter non-sequiturn, forty-five years ago today, where were you; and, what were you doing?

    (It's no secret I think he was your greatest prez; I wonder, as well, if BO will surpass him; but, my bottom-line sense is I think we'll soon find out for ourselves that all this talk about change may not be much more than that; I hope otherwise; but . . ..)

  3. JFK was the youngest person elected to the presidency, but the youngest to serve in the office was Teddy Roosevelt, who succeeded to the presidency when McKinley was assassinated. But I like the Big MAC designation.

  4. What was I doing 45 years ago at the time of that dire event. Putting the make on somebody actually.