Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good news from Nige ...

... The Dead Language Lives.

My own grasp of Latin, never terribly secure, has so rusted by now that I really ought to take a refresher course.


  1. I recently read a novel by Ursula Le Guin entitled LAVINIA, and it is something of a "take off" on Vergil's AENEID in that it continues with the story of a character only briefly featured by Vergil. I mention this by way of saying that it reminded me of my Latin studies in high school (which I grudgingly endured but later greatly appreciated), and I wish that what Nige has noticed in England would also catch on here in American schools where Latin has been largely (and unfortunately) abandoned. There is nothing quite like Latin to help enrich other encounters with other languages. In any event, do you imagine that American schools will ever return to Latin? I have my doubts and regrets.

  2. Frank, We can still say "amor caecus est" when we speak about books.