Monday, April 27, 2009

Stop the presses ...

... US newspaper circulation sees steeper decline. (Hat tip, Paul Davis.)

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  1. Here, I think, is the crucial assertion in your linked article: "The publications have been hurt more by drops in advertising sales, which represent the bulk of revenue at most newspapers." Circulation sales may be problematic, and that is making the news, but loss of advertising revenue is the real culprit. Yes, advertising revenue would be linked to circulation, but I would suggest that you have something of a cause-and-effect fallacy. Advertising sales may not be dropping because of circulation losses, which seems logical at the surface, but advertisers have learned that they can go elsewhere to maximize their advertising expenditures. Can newspapers reclaim the advertising revenue in the traditional print-and-paper format? Since you have the insider's knowledge, what do you think? What choices do newspapers have but to abandon print-and-paper formats? Thoughts?