Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In this corner ...

... End the University as We Know It.

And in the other corner ... Defending Academe.

(Hat tip to Dave Lull for both links.)

I am more sympathetic to Taylor, but I think both these guys are wrong. Everybody should read Albert Jay Nock's The System of Education in the United States, which pretty much diagnosed the problem 67 years ago. Our colleges and universities are training schools, not educational institutions. Education is formative and is directed toward character. Training is instrumental and directed toward a career.


  1. I will get to the articles in a few hours, and later I hope to get to Nook's assessment when time permits, but please make something clear for me: You are saying that universities are (and are flawed by being) training institutions? And you are saying that they should instead be formative, educational experiences? Perhaps I am misunderstanding your statements, and as someone working as a teacher at a university, I am much interested in your point of view.

  2. right to say that education is directed toward character and career but there is something missing because I cant understand what you want to put here. Pleas explain it. I hope you will do it.....

  3. I will try to elaborate on a post tonight.