Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hmm ...

... Committing savage satire, respecting readers and finding the odd in sex: Colin Marshall talks to Alexander Theroux, author of Laura Warholic: Or, The Sexual Intellectual. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

I find the world monstrous. Just in the news, that Israel won't let eight Palestinian Fulbrights and the way the United States has cravenly rolled over and let Israel dictate whether these eight scholars, high-minded people, can't even get out of that horrible place in Gaza to come to the United States to be Fulbrights that's the kind of thing I'm attacking. That's the kind of pain I'm inflicting. That's the kind of no-punch-pulling, unsparing, pitiless, even cruel attitude that I try to launch in the book.

Sounds a tad delusional to me, given how fashionable Israel-bashing has become in certain circles, mostly the circles Theroux moves in.

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