Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not new ...

... but worth reading anyway: Redactor Agonistes.

Hat tip goes to Lynne Scanlon, who singles out this paragraph:

By readers, I don't mean people who pick up a book, once in a while. By readers, I mean people who when they are at work during the day think that after dinner tonight and after the kids are in bed, I'm going to read for two hours. That's what I mean. No. 2, these people do it three or four nights a week for two and half, three hours, and while they do it they don't watch television or answer the phone.'

Lynne says that's the kind of reader she is and suspects I am. Well, that's me all right. Between 8 and 11 most nights, anyway.

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  1. Dear Mr. Wilson,

    Gosh--who can wait until after 8? Jam a book in junior's hands and have a family read-in. Could explain why my house is in the decrepit state it is.