Friday, May 21, 2010

Something different ...

... Desperate science fiction author offers cash for readers. (Hat tip, Lee Lowe, who correctly describes it as "a novel approach.")


  1. Well, his ploy got his book featured in an eye-catching article in a national newspaper (UK Guardian) with a nice plot synopsis. In terms of exposure when you're working outside the established publishing industry, that's probably worth $3000 right there compared to other approaches to publicity.

  2. Too bad that the novel itself is in vital need of a rewrite:

    "There was a blinding flash and a bang, colossal high-pitched bang like a cherry bomb inside his head and the truth and knowledge that this was death right now, nuclear, the end of the world flashing right now inescapable and really happening, rush to oblivion and Ozzie woke and inhaled, what a relief but what a dream, my God what a savage dream."