Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anticipation ..

In just a few hours I will enter upon my 70th year. I am still awake because I cannot keep myself from pondering this and wondering how it could possibly have come about. On Saturday I was at my eldest nephew's house to celebrate my brother and sister-in-law's 50th wedding anniversary. I was the best man at their wedding. I was only 18 and having to speak in public , to toast them, was a horrible experience. I could never have imagined then that I would end up earning a good bit of my income from ... public speaking -- but that is anther story. Pat, my nephew, toward the end of the celebration, told me I did not look old. Nor do I feel old. A few infirmities, true, but nothing serious. Still, I simply cannot reconcile my sense of myself with being old. I am a Peter Pan type. I suspect that Gwen, my stepdaughter, whom I love as if she were my own daughter, probably could say more about this than I can possibly bring myself to, because I think she knows me better than anyone. But why go on about this, when Jacques Brel said it all years ago.

P.S. I should have been clearer - or less elliptical, or whatever. I turned 69 today -- meaning that I have entered upon my 70th year, at the end of which I will have reached 70. But thanks to everyone for the kind thoughts.


  1. Frank,

    Happy birthday, old pal.

    I mentioned before that Mike Wallace claimed his happiest and most productive decade was his 70s.

    Perhaps your happiest and most productive years are ahead of you as well...


  2. Happy Birthday, Frank!

    Your post reminded me of a poem I wrote down. I'm not sure it's an especially good poem, but it's a true anecdote about two great guys, who have also been my customers, Elliot and Sully: Elliot’s Car & Sully's Truck.

    Often, when someone who is older than 60 comes into the dealership, he or she will say, "I'm buying my last car." This can sound very practical, as if prudent planning is going on, especially in the face of surely limited finances and what may seem like a body that at least won't be driving for too much longer. But there is something very practical about the opposing attitude as well, that death, or at least demise, ought to be considered too far into the future to be considered as if so imminent. I can say that since Elliot bought his car in 2003, and Sully bought his truck in 2005, Elliot as of this writing has not bought another vehicle, but Sully has bought two.


  3. Happy Birthday, Frank! Keep walking - and keep feeling young.

  4. Best wishes for a great birthday!


  5. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Happy Birthday Frank! This is the time to enjoy life! All the best to you and your family.
    g emil

  6. Congratulations, Frank! 70? I'd never have guessed it...

  7. Happy Birthday!

    I have a mug which I found at a thrift store, which I am very fond of, that says it all:

    "Over the hill and proud of the climb!"

    Made it this far, keep going, amen.

  8. Add to your list of accomplishments this website of yours that so many enjoy.

  9. Happy birthday, Frank! Here's to a fine 70th year.

  10. Happy Birthday, Frank!

  11. Happy Birthday, Frank! And two or three dozen more!

    Warm regards,