Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY ...

... AbeBooks: From Anatomy to Phrenology: Collectible Medical Books.


  1. John Brumfield2:58 PM

    I liked the listing for "Some Account of The Pennsylvania Hospital" by Ben Franklin. Price is $1.1 million plus $5 for shipping.

  2. You would notice that, wouldn't you,John?

  3. My wife's former boss had a phrenologist's head in his living room, with the zones of acquisitiveness, etc. marked out. It proved, one holiday open house, to be an excellent conversation piece, though I found that dragging Hegel and Mark Twain into the conversation killed it right off.

  4. John Brumfield8:33 PM

    I enjoy these AbeBooks lists. Yes, Frank if you're paying top dollar for a rare book you don't want them shipping it to you at the USPS book rate. And speaking of phrenology, I'm reading David Reynolds's terrific "Walt Whitman's America". Phrenology was big in mid-19th century America.