Monday, December 16, 2013

I really am shocked …

… a commonplace from eastrod: An important digression: eliminating writing requirements in college courses?

I really didn't think things were this bad. I taught freshman English in college for all of one semester once. I have it on good authority that those in both classes went on to be regarded as good writers. This probably had something to do with the fact I was already at the time a professional writer and editor (even if still in the larval stage). But it a had a lot to to with the fact that all of my students had the basics of grammar and usage down. I just taught them techniques.


  1. Yes, Frank, things are bad. As of this past week, I have given up teaching English courses. I cannot take it anymore. The Yahoos have won, and I surrender.

    For example, ask any college student to pick out the coordinating conjunction between two independent clauses (above), and you will only get an empty look. And don't even ask the student to explain the reasons for the commas.

  2. Why isn't most of this already taught in high school? My grandson here in Germany, who is in grade 5, is already wrestling with the basics of grammar - in both English and German. Possessive determiners and Plusquamperfekt, anyone?