Monday, September 21, 2015


… With Freeman’s, Former Granta Editor John Freeman Plants His Flag - Vogue. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)
Freeman’s doggedness and focus is a recurring theme. “He’s different from other editors, who good as they may be, they’re in offices in New York somewhere, exchanging emails,” says the Chicago-based writer and Freeman’scontributor Aleksandar Hemon by phone. “The man goes out in the field and meets people.” Hemon, whom Freeman also published in Granta, wrote his essay “In Search of Space Lost,” about how his Bosnian parents created a new home as refugees in Canada, after casually telling Freeman a story about the raccoons who wreak havoc on his father’s beloved beehives. “He commissioned a piece on the spot,” Hemon says. It was the second or third time that’s happened in their friendship. “I told him I won’t tell him anything anymore.”

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