Friday, September 25, 2015

Rather depressing, this …

… Poll: One-Third of Americans Would Refuse to Hide a Jew During the Holocaust - Hollywood Reporter.

I would feel obligated to, of course, and would like think I'd have the courage. It's the sort of thing I would be likely to do, probably because I'd think I could get away with it.


  1. The whole premise of the poll and story seems to me to be chock full of flaws.

  2. That could well be, but I couldn't tell from the little information provided.

  3. They didn't say much, did they? But "Would hide a Jew during the Holocaust"? How about replacing "hide" would "would have hidden" or else "the" with "a"? There is also the difficulty of imagining what one would have done under radically different situations; when on the one hand danger is not theoretical but a serious chance of death preceded by mistreatment, and on the other hand the person to be hidden is not a hypothetical Jew but a person stand in front of one. And in general I think people are bad at imagining durations: one can imagine feeling bad or feeling tired, but not bad or tired or worried for months on end.