Sunday, September 24, 2017

In case you wondered …

… What Should Have Happened In Hillary Clinton's Useless Book | HuffPost. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

… as her die-hard defenders proclaimed, Clinton can write a book if she wants, and nobody gets to stop her. They’re not wrong. She has every right to write a book about the election. But not this book. Nobody should ever be allowed to write a book like this.


  1. And in case someone actually wonders, rather than swimming round in their fishtank:

    And in case someone actually wonders, rather than swimming round in their fish tank:

  2. That would seem to be the minority report. The Huffington Post is hardly right-wing, and the Atlantic isn't exactly impartial these days. I have no idea why anyone would waste time reading some pol's election post mortem.

  3. I doubt that I'll read it either. But I thought you were a contrarian, or at least someone who doesn't automatically accept the majority view.

    There is no such beast as an impartial review (or much else, for that matter) -- which is precisely why we need minority reports.

  4. It might be that a review that pans this book is among the “minority reports”:

    1. Thanks, Dave. Librarians ought to be knighted.

  5. Well, all the usual suspects agree, which why the Huffington post review is interesting. And since it turns out to be the minority report, I guess I remain on track as a contrarian. As far as I’m concerned “what happened” is that a lousy candidate ran a lousy campaign and underestimated her opponent while overestimating herself. But of course this is also further proof as to why I should never post anything bearing on politics. I will try to be more careful.