Monday, February 26, 2018

Indeed …

… Florida shooting shows our government institutions are failing us.

But the bigger question is this: We have more government, at all levels, than we’ve ever had before. Yet failures like this keep happening. The FBI, after all, missed the Tsarnaevs (who committed the Boston Marathon bombing) despite being warned by the Russian government. It missed the 9/11 attacks even though it was investigating Zacarias Moussaoui — agents investigating Moussaoui hit so many roadblocks that they joked that Osama bin Laden must have had a mole in the Bureau HQ. And, of course, the San Bernardino shooters and Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen escaped the net as well.


  1. From what I am gathering, the Coral Springs police went into the school because they were instructed to. They had leadership and oorganization.

    The Sheriff had up to 4 deputies outside the school waiting for orders, as far as I know, not knowing what the plan was. For some reason, people want to blame the deputies, yet they were in position, and I doubt they were "cowering".

    How were the 911 calls handled? Did the operators know how to dispatch the information and to tell the callers inside the school how to proceed?

    Then we have Cadet Bone Spurs taking over the news, saying what people should have done and how bravely he would have acted ~~ really just getting in the way and talking through his hat, not knowing a thing about proper procedure. We have an apparently incompetent sheriff who will not stand behind his deputies, either when the tragedy was ongoing nor now, as everyone else can go under the bus as far as he and his political future is concerned.

    We still do not have intelligent assessment of what happened.

  2. We know that has point: Government is oversized and overrated, and has been for quite sometime.

  3. Frank, that is hardly something we 'know'. It's an opinion, or an assessment, if you prefer -- and a rather lazy one at that. There are areas of bloat and overreach, and areas where we may need even more government. Nuanced evaluation on both macro and micro levels is needed, and a clear consensus as to goals -- not just a carving knife wielded to suit a political agenda.

  4. Have you ever worked in the government. I have. It may be necessary. It is not benevolent. And yes, that’s an opinion.

  5. It simply amazes me how people are so prepared to indulge the government in ways they never would something in the private sector. The government is not our friend. It is, at its best, our servant. And I am a citizen, not a subject.