Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Scream

Almost every time I read an article, post, etc. on politics, I anticipatorily steel myself for the note, somewhere in the article, or if there are comments, there, about how people like me are problems to be solved.  Even in our peaceful world at Books Inq., a link to Camille Paglia's latest leads to her ignorant proclamation on the nature of trans people, or a link to poetry and the Super Bowl Coke commercial that included trans people and somehow isn't a good thing because somehow it is political.

It's not political, it's life.  My life more to the point.  Blessed yet cursed with a brain anatomy that tells me, as surely as your brain tells you what you are, that tells me that my brain and soul is female even though I was born with a male body.  

Being trans is not madness, nor sexual deviancy, nor moral degeneracy of me or society, nor a mortal sin, nor a red flag to waive in the eyes of the body politic, no matter how ignorant.  It's simply the way my brain was made,  "Before you were in the womb I Knew you."  God says.  And here is a link to neuroanatomical studies on trans brains if you want to look at the science of it.

So if you think that people like me should be returned to the world "that used to be" where everything was good, especially if you are a white male (but really never was, even for them, and certainly not for anyone who wasn't a white male) or if we are the bleeding edge of what is wrong with today's world, remember the science and this is how we are made, and we are people who are real and hurt, and the fact that your life really won't get better at all by calling me and people like me sub human. 

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