Friday, September 24, 2021

This is a real eye-opener …

30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

I have been saying for quite a while that the backlash against Covid scaremongering was soon to come. It is actually happening sooner than I thought. If anything has demonstrated how shoddy our media has become, this episode does. They used to disparage tabloid journalism. What passes for journalism today makes those old tabloids look amazingly thorough and accurate.


  1. HI Frank,

    That's a bad crib sheet.

    It starts off with a bogus statement that "The survival rate of 'Covid' is over 99%". Why put Covid into quotes is crazy, when we know over a millions US residents have died because of the virus. And there is the issue, over a million of us dead.

    Over a million of us dead. In my lifetime, there has been no greater horror than this. Nothing has ever killed over a million US residents in the decades I have been here. There was a Holocaust in your lifetime, Frank, that took place overseas. But nothing in our lifetimes comes close to this -- and it is not over. An enormous number of dead, unfathomable. That's where the bear shat in the buckwheat. It's no scare tactic. It's real death and suffering. It's such a phenomenally high number, that can then be multiplied by those of us who live in mourning now, our loved ones taken from us by a killer virus. It is multiplied by those who have suffered longer and worse than anything they have ever experienced in their own decades of life, and now have shortened life expectancies. It is multiplied by our ER and ICU services being exhausted to the point that people with other maladies do not want to go to the hospital, lest they have to be near all those anti-vaxxers who got sick, and cannot get treatment anyway, the workers too busy, the equipment in use, the rooms in use.

    Now go back and consider just how stupid such a statement is, that the survival rate is over 99%, so this must be a good thing, something positive about the virus. How stupid, and how very deadly and sociopathic. That 1 percent represents 3,310,000 people. (However, those of us who are vaccinated escape this 1 in 100 lottery that the bogus article advertises.) And to note, anyone who has not been vaccinated has not dodged the next bullet. The virus is still finding victims at record rates. No one should feel "safe".

    It's like, "Get your 'Covid-19' today, and you'll have a 99% chance of surviving!" and "Do all you can to catch it!" "Don't get vaccinated and don't wear a mask!" "Be a patriot and force other people's children to be unmasked around your little spreaders!" "Let the world know that, given the freedom to choose, we choose 1% of us to die!"

  2. God could disagree with you in this matter and you would think him wrong.

  3. As if God would guide us into killing each other with a deadly pandemic? As if he would not "disagree" with misinformation and spins from anti-vaxxers.

    There's the old yarn about the flood. A man of faith has to go to his second floor. A boat comes by his window and he is told during the storm, "Get on the boat!" He shouts back, Bible in hand, "No need! God will provide!" A day later, he has to climb onto his roof, another boat comes by, and he is told, "Get on the boat!" and he says, "God will provide!" The next day, he is on the chimney top, when a helicopter comes by and someone yells out, "Grab onto the rope!" And he yells back, "I'm okay! God will provide!" The guy dies and goes to heaven. He storms into God's office and says, "There I am, saying God will provide, God will provide, God will provide, and what do you do? You drown me." God responds, what are you talking about, I sent you two boats and a helicopter.

    We have been provided with masks, soap, the ability to socially distance, good ventilation systems, and now, most important of all, vaccinations. People in hospitals are suffering as I tackle misinformation and deadly spins, not true disagreement, about the situation. Information: The great number of sufferers, many on their death beds, are saying they have never been so sick, and should have gotten the vaccination. God seems to be saying to them, "I provided."