Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Can you believe it ?

… EXCLUSIVE: Vaccinated Making Up Higher Proportion of COVID-19 Metrics in US.

Well, if you  believe all the crap the government’s been feeding us, you mght have a hard tim with this.

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  1. I've noted before that this zine is not reliable at all.

    If you go to the Exceeded Expectations section of the article, he cites 14 of the 50 states as having breakthrough deaths at a higher percentage than people vaccinated, which would mean that the vaccination does nothing to prevent Covid, and may even attract the virus to a person. So, this is silly, but I will go on. He wanted June's stats if he could get them. And I agree, that the later the stats, the more omicron we get, so we know what is happening with possibly obsolete vaccines and strains of Covid-19 at writing/publishing time.

    The first state listed with simply June's stats is Kentucky so I pulled that, where it says, "55 breakthrough deaths (67 percent)/Vaccinated at the time: 66 percent." I then went to double check the stats and found an error or at least misleading verbiage. It seems to say that 67 percent of the deaths by Covid in Kentucky for June were breakthrough cases, whereas 66% of the population was vaccinated at that time. If 67% of the total deaths by Covid were 55, then the total deaths by Covid would be 82 total deceased for the month, 27 of which would have died without having received vaccination.

    Here's the first article that came up on my Kentucky search, from University of Kentucky: Covid-19 cases in Kentucky dropped 41% last week, after two weeks of steep increases; hospitalizations and deaths remain low. Note that the date of the article is June 21, so it is giving stats through the previous week.

    Quote, "The state reported 51 more Covid-19 deaths last week, an average of 7.3 per day. That’s down from 8.4 per day the previous week." So for the week before June 21, the death toll was 51. For the week before June 14, the toll was 60. That's 111 dead from Covid in just 2 weeks of June, which means the 82 number is false.

    If we take the 55 breakthrough deaths for the entire month, and accept that number for the sake of further discussion, it is only 50% of one 2-week period of June, not the entire month and nowhere near 66%. If we were to take the lower number of 7.3 deaths per day, for 30 days, that would approximate Kentucky's Covid deaths at 219. Say that's high, say it is really 200, because the rate kept going down week to week. And let's not give any fudge factor to the 55 number, again, assume it is accurate. That would place the breakthrough deaths at 28%, while the vaccination rate was 66%, which is a very good reason to get vaccinated. Not only that, but if the breakthrough death numbers are even similar to the deaths of people who caught Covid a second time around and died, it's all the more reason to get vaccinated, not to have to suffer the infection period, the vital organ damage, long-Covid, and shortened life span.