Monday, August 29, 2022

Religion and science …

God’s Ongoing Story: On John Haught’s “God After Einstein” (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)
The puzzling aspect of this book is the unclear status played by Einstein himself. Haught has Einstein “allow for” many advances in thought. Yet, as you finish reading the book, you wonder whether Einstein is really such a flexible cipher. The brilliance of Haught’s work over the decades is his equal-opportunity critique against both the religious distortions of science and the scientific distortions of religion. Sentences like “The world thus leans not on the past, as the materialist assumes, but on the future, as hope requires” show a mind honed by metaphysics without abstruseness.

My own feeling is that faith is something to be experienced, not theorized about. Mysticism is the ground of faith. Anyone who has had the least experience of the transcendent knows that it is real? 

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