Saturday, November 05, 2005

And the winner is ...

Actually, there are several winners -- and a clutch of runners-up. What am I talking about? The InterBoard Poetry Competition. I was asked to judge last month's entries, and those I chose as winners have just been posted here. If you're interested in why I picked them, my commentaries are here. It was not an easy assignment. All of the selections that were sent me had merit, often a lot of merit. Some people wonder why I review so much poetry in The Inquirer. Well, take a look at this site: A lot of people are writing it and a lot of what they're writing is good.

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  1. Thanks, Frank, very much for judging for us, when you did it, and now how you did it. You must have had a good 50 or so poems to spend time with, the best from each forum participating, not only to give a good read to, but to consider in placing and commentary.

    People should know you came through for us in a pinch. Dave Brinks of the Goldmine Saloon in New Orleans suddenly could not judge for IBPC because of Katrina. And you said "yes" at the asking, then as busy as you are, you became flexible with your month, and then did a fabulous job judging.

    As I mentioned in my e-mail to you, your selections and commentary are informative and guiding, a thoughtful gift, for the poets who wrote the winning poems, and all who will read them too.