Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Odds & ends ...

The Elegant Variation links to best books of 2005 lists here and here. The latter link has much else besides that is more interesting than the lists.

Joel Weishaus, a poet and co-author (with David Rosen) of The Healing Spirit of Haiku has begun a series of digital critiques. The first takes a pretty thorough and imaginative look at David Budbill's Moment to Moment and While We've Still Got Feet. I read While We've Still Got Feet this past summer, thinking to review it. But I disliked it intensely. Joel -- who, by the way, has reviewed for The Inquirer -- evidently thinks better of it.

Finally, here is a link to the blog of Peter Stothard, editor of the TLS.

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  1. Frank:

    Interesting that you think I liked Budbill's "While We Still got Feet." In fact I told the Marketing Director for Copper Canyon Press that I couldn't write on it because it's quality is so low. But "Moment to Moment" is a little better, so I concentrated on it. What I'm looking for are books that raise issues that I'm interested in, and Budbill--as poor as much of his poetry is--raises some of these, as seen in my critique.