Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You've heard a bit here ...

... about my Jesuit education. You also know that I like to cook. Until now, though, I had never put the two together, as perhaps I should have.
Here be The Jesuit Gourmet and Jesuit Recipes. My mentor Father Gannon, I should note, knew his food. (Hat tip, Jim Bowman.)

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  1. Indeed he did! I, along with The Select from his 1960 graduating class from Wheeling College on tour in Europe with Edward, were taken by my cousin to dinner on the Eiffel Tower. As we were leaving a sumptuous meal in glorious surroundings, our manners minded by the fastidious Edward, we were informed that a man had just jumped from the tower. Ed, in his clerics, was asked by the Maitre D' if he would give last rites... I was dismissed in charge of the group while Ed did post prandials. God's hand reaches out... Ed learned many years later that the man was a friend of his family...