Friday, March 24, 2006

This is it ...

... for blogging tonight. I've had a long week - over the past couple of days I've opened nearly 30 bins of books and most days I've worked 12 to 14 hours. So I'm going to just loll about and read some Wodehouse.


  1. Thanks for all you do. You deserve Wodehouse, or whatever you choose.

    Tonight I went to see Donald Hall and Joyce Peseroff do a "A Tribute to Jane Kenyon" reading at the Concord Poetry Center.

    I stayed for the reception, and met the poets, plus Joan Houlihan, who spearheads the center, and does a terrific job. You recall her from January, I know. But just to make note, she wrote Three Invitations to a Far Reading in Contemporary Poetry Review. You then started the topics, I suspect ... and See, I told you ...

  2. Correction: that's I suspect .... (I used the wrong URL to link.)

  3. Echoed, your readers definitely benefit from all your labour, Frank, though no doubt you and we all wish it were not quite so physical. Beats going to the gym, I suppose. (?)