Friday, March 24, 2006

War of words ...

Things just aren't going well for Jacques Chirac: Chirac flees summit in a fury over use of English.
Quarrels like this are so ... je ne c'est quoi.


  1. I think chirac is so out of step with the times, that he is going to be lost in then shuffle...LOL

    The article at the bottom of the page was more interesting than his borrish behavior..."Testicles may provide a better kind of stem cell."

  2. Here's what Richard Charkin of Macmillan had to say about it (Chirac, Bonnie, not testicles!):

    What do the businesses have in common apart from all being run by exceptionally talented women? There is a deep desire to learn English. In spite of Chirac's histrionics last week when he walked out of a EU Council meeting because a fellow Frenchman addressed him in English, most people recognise that English is the language of business and essential in the modern world.,guid,b519a046-b194-43fb-a8a2-f5ed76e35a74.aspx

    But yes, I agree the testicles are probably more interesting than Chirac, on balance....