Saturday, March 25, 2006

Worth a look ...

The proprietor of Shameless Words has posts some excerpts from the novel he's working on: A Shameless Extract. Sounds pretty interesting to me - though the cab driver is not at all like any of the cab drivers Debbie and I encountered in Dublin couple of years ago, who were funny, engaging and not at all given to profanity.


  1. Thanks for your mention of my extract; it's nice to know that it's being read in foreign lands. It is true that most taxi drivers in Dublin are the bees knees: warm, funny and welcoming. The scene comes from a real experience, almost word for word, when I visited and put myself in the shoes of my character, pretending that it would be exactly his arrival in Dublin. Though there was profanity, it did kind of end up being funny having the "f" word used so liberally by a taxi driver in the presence of an international guest (plus I was with a lady!). It was also satisfying when writing up the scene to stay away from the "top a the morning to ya" stereotype that seems to feed in to lots of fiction from Dublin. Be assured, however, that other characters on the drawing board are going to be funny and pleasant: I always try for a nice, organic mix! Happy reading and I'm spreading the word that people who like books need to click onto your site at least once a day.

  2. Well, it's nice to know your cab experience was the exception and not ours. Funny how the scene in your novel should be solidly grounded in fact and there I go wondering about it. There's an article embedded there on the relation between reality and fiction.