Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally ...

... A scientific approach to atheism. It's about time.


  1. It was well thought out. I especially liked the part about secularists dying out and being replaced by religious conservatives..LOL!

    But I think when the rubber meets the road, he is way overthinking God! Remember God said he uses the wisdom of the world to confound the wicked...LOL

  2. In my view, the problem with atheism is its absolutism. There are certainly aspects of religion which human societies can do without, but to club them with a sort of murderous talk against the very idea of a divine being is like throwing the baby with the bathwater. I have always felt that religions have been much abused by religiosity but that does not take away from the need that people feel for a higher power. Recent studies prove there is also a biological basis for this.

  3. I should not be tempted to get into this unendable topic, but does the "need people feel for a higher power" mean that such a power exists? No.
    It is how you interpret that need, I guess.

  4. Actually, Maxine, you raise an interesting question. I think it is reasonable to at least posit that an organism is unlikely to desire something that does not exist. Of course, as you have probably noticed, from this blog - and email exchanges - I don't believe that God's existence can be proved. And of course it can't be disproved - because that would be proving a negative, which is impossible. But then I can't "prove" that I exist either.
    Many things are true, however, that are not provable - Bach's b-minor Mass is truly beautiful. But it's beauty cannot be proved, only demonstrated. One comes to know God the way one comes to know anything that lives - through encounter.