Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yesterday ...

... The Inquirer ceased being owned by Knight-Ridder. This is good. Knight-Ridder was the corporate equivalent of the Soviet Union - completely incapable of adapting to changing circumstances. It was what happens to a company when it ceases to have any entrepreneurial spirit and is run by people who have risen to the top the way scum rises to the top of a simmering stock pot. Good ridderance, I say.
Wired, in the meatine, profiles its opposite: His Space.
Oh, I know all the complaints about Rupert Murdoch. But he's not hampered by locked-in-the-box thinking, that's for sure.


  1. I imagine it's nice to finally speak out against the previous owners. I hope you find professional life under Tierney a rewarding experience.

  2. I think local, private ownership is the way of the future for newspapers. And thanks to the Internet you can plug into the world from anywhere.

  3. Yes, I hope the new ownership is good for you, Frank. I'm glad you're finally able to say how you felt about the old ones, too. Now, if only we could get new Phillies ownership....

  4. Anonymous11:09 PM

    I thought I heard the clink and clatter of chains falling off someone in the blogosphere.
    Like the chinese proverb says "may we live in exciting times" all the best in this new direction Frank!

  5. I can't imagine anyone restraining your speech! Congrats on the new regime!