Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The future of libraries ...

The Wall Street Journal looks at LibraryThing: Social Networking for Bookworms. (Hat tip, Gwen Hendry.)


  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Hey, Hey Frank.

    I had thought with the advance of the internet that the future of libraries seemed very dim.

    HOWEVER, as James J. Arbuckle once said "You get what you pay for" AND thus maybe the future of libraries is not so dim afterall since I had to back track to your blog to make this comment after I had advanced to the next blog called -

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    So, if one wants to find good reads on the net I'm sure we can go right to a reliable source but it seems with so much crap out on the net maybe, just maybe some folks will still want that peace and quite place called libraries.

  2. Well, here's one guy who will. I spent some wonderful days as a kid in the Holmesburg Library, one of those built by Andrew Carnegie. There seems to be an assumption abroad that when something new develops, it means that something else will become extinct. But printing did not make manuscript calligraphy extinct. And computer printing has not elminated hand presses. Electronic libraries will not elminate the old kind - but the old kind may be allowed to go back to being the quiet places they once were.