Sunday, June 25, 2006

We always have Parys ...

Geoffrey Chaucer chats with a young lady named Parys who is "the daughter of an riche stewarde and hosteler." Sound familiar? She's yonge, she's sexie, she's riche: Interviewe wyth Parys


  1. Maybe it is because I am British, but I find this blog funnier than that founding fathers one you just linked to a few posts above, Frank. GC has the sense of him commenting on the modern world from his own perspective, whereas FF seems more of a modern "what would "insert ff here" have thought?"
    These parodies are hard to do well, methinks.

  2. I agree, Maxine. Of course there's also the fact that Chaucer was one of the funniest writers who ever lived - and the FFs weren't exactly a barrel of laughs.