Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Christopher Hitchens takes aim ...

... at Guenter Grass: Snake in the Grass. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Some interesting links at the bottom under "Related in Slate."


  1. Somebody should warn Slate to verify their info (in the links): the racist ice cream. First of all, 'Negerkuss' is not an ice cream but a chocolate-covered marshsmallow on a cookie-like wafer base; secondly and more important, the name hasn't been used for many years - not PC. Instead, 'Schokoladenkuss', 'Schokokuss', 'Schaumkuss', etc. are common, though admittedly, some - mostly older - people still let slip the also racist 'Mohrenkopf'. This sort of thing makes me wonder what else is published as factually accurate.

  2. I didn't read that link, actually. It probably indictates that Slate is another publication trying to get by without fact checkers and copy editors. Though doesn't it seem odd that someone who was posted In Germany for, I gather, some years would get something like that so wrong?