Sunday, August 27, 2006

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

Michael Harrington find much to praise in F.X. Toole's posthumous Pound for Pound: Toole's last work: Parts pack a punch.

Glenn Altschuler looks at what Joseph Epstein has to say about Friendship: About friends, life's annoying and invaluable indispensables.

Carlin Romano finds Andrea Lee's Lost Hearts in Italy intriguing: Blurring fact, fiction in love.

Katie Haegele loves Matthew F. Jones's Boot Tracks: An assassination gone awry, and the day after.

Last week, Katie also looked into the subject of adults reading young adult books: Grown-ups turning to teen books .

David Montgomery is very impressed with Karin Slaughter's Triptych: Flawed people struggle to uncover a killer .

During the week, last week:

Karl Kirchwey liked Wendy Salinger's Listen: Poetic memoir tells of torn loyalty to an abusive father.

Leonard Boasberg found Gerald Felix Warburg' The Mandarin Club entertaining and informative: China-Taiwan dispute heats up in insider's thriller.

And Paul Davis found I Spy For a Living fascinating: Concise review of history's best spies and covert operators.

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