Sunday, August 27, 2006

Poetry and pictures ...

... Rus Bowden sends along this splendid link, which includes "10 poetry and photography posts about our trip to Norway": Baffin Island Resort and Spa . Just keep scrolling.

Rus adds some info regarding this photo: "In the distance is a little hamlet of about maybe 5-7 houses. Little clusters of houses like that are well-spread out at ins and outs of this very large (and beautiful) fjord. People live there all year round, there in the arctic winters, way way away from everybody in the world, except their very few close neighbors who stay after seasonal friends and family leave. I was thinking how one had better get along with one's spouse, and asked in town if there was a high domestic crime rate. Quite to the contrary, I was told. Also, in one of those clusters, lives a 53-year-old woman who never leaves her tiny arctic surroundings, even to take the boat to Reine, a town of 1400, when her mother died."

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