Saturday, September 23, 2006

Better late ...

... I guess (though I'm not sure) : Woman much missed. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Psychological truth: Some people (perhaps writers, artists in particular) find it easiest to adore someone who is not around to contradict the adorer's idealization of her/him.

    Beloveds who are dead or otherwise absent work best .... And what did Hardy get out of it? The writer's devoutly-desired consummation: Publishable work.

    BTW, Claire Tomalin wrote one of my all-time favorite books about Charles Dickens' last love, the actress Ellen Ternan. It's _The Invisible Woman_ and an incredible portrait of thespian life in the 19th century -- back in the days when thespians were not gods; indeed, they were not even respectable!

  2. As they well ought not to be today.

  3. While in Norway last month, we flew from Oslo to Bodø (pronounced, to my ear, like a cross between Buddha and how we New Englanders say buddah for butter). On the flight was the most handsome actor in Norway ("smoldering" was the whispered term)--and I don't know his name. I thought he looked something like Chuck Norris but, boy was I corrected.

    He sat a few rows behind us. Afterward, I found out that there is no first class seating on a Norwegian flight. All those thespian gods sit with real people.