Sunday, September 24, 2006

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... at least those of them made it online:

John Timpane raves over David Hinton's translation of Wang Wei: Sublime translation of Wang Wei poems. (Unfortunately a very informative box showing the subtleties imvolved in translating Chinese will have to wait, I guess.)

Tim Worstall takes a look at Adam Smith: The man behind the economist .

Update: Thanks to Inquirer online staffer Ellen Dunkel, John Freeman's review of Mark Z. Danielewski Only Revolutions is now up: Literally turning the novel upside down.

Elizabeth Fox is enchanted by Walter Moers's Rumo: Drawings enhance delightful fantasy.

Sandy Bauers delights in a match of words and music: Magic lies in pairing an actor and musician to tell child's tales.

We do have John Freeman's review of Mark Haddon's A Spot of Bother: Book Review Retiree can't cope with mortality in shallow novel .

And Carlin Romano has some good news for Mencken fans: Mencken house's fate, like author, is complex.

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