Monday, September 25, 2006

I pretty much agree with this ...

... Darwin on the Right - which may surprise some people. But in the Catholic schools I attended it was understood that evolution - which we shall, for the sake of argument, define as the development of life over eons from a single source - was in no way incompatible with a belief in God. I am not entirely convinced that natural selection is the only factor involved in evolution - but there are perfectly qualified scientists who have similar reservations - and I reluct at both evolutionary determinism and evolutionary reductionism. But I find the poll results in the opening paragraph astounding. I thoroughly agree that "the watchmaker God of intelligent-design creationism is delimited to being a garage tinkerer piecing together life out of available parts."


  1. Frank, a good article ... thanks for sharing.

    The post has given some food for thought ... and also found words for some beliefs I've held, but never really articulated very well ... the result of which being, my insistence that I am a Christian as well as an evolutionist tends to anger staunch extremists on both sides of the debate.

  2. Yes, Jeff, that is the downside of being reasonable.