Monday, April 16, 2007

Art and the city ...

... Is the third strike on the way for local arts?

I'm enough of a free marketeer to think that if the arts can't pay their own way, too bad for the arts. The "edgy" stuff tends to be inside baseball, of interest only to the people who do that sort of thing - and their friends, relatives, and people trying to be hip.


  1. And then you have underground writers whose "edginess" comes from the economic facts of their lives (refugees from the postindustrial Midwest in some cases) who have never received support or encouragement from any arts institution-- government, foundation, university or foundation (or your newspaper for that matter)-- who aren't trying to be "hip" and if anything are anti-hip, yet despite all obstacles-- real obstacles-- continue creating and performing their art regardless.
    A host of such writers will be on display in THIS city of Philadelphia at an exciting venue called The Underground, an underground club at 4000 Spruce Street, Sunday, April 22, 3 pm, free admission.
    I mean, if you're really and truly looking for a lively literary happening, self-made and independent, this is one place to find it. Thanks.