Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... Patrick Kurp is singularly unimpressed by Michael Ondaatje's latest: After a slow start, it's all downhill.

... which doesn't mean Carlin Romano didn't have apleasant chat with Ondaatje: From 'English Patient'.

... in the meantime, Andrew Ervin found Ron Silliman's The Ageof Huts (compleat) both puzzling and fascinating: Ron Silliman, making poetry, unmaking rules.

... Chris Hedges, however, finds Christopher Hitchens grievously wanting: Atheist polemic refuses to engage authentic religion.

... Sarah Weiman looks at the messy side of crime: Crime scenes, the ultimate clean-up jobs.

... and Katie Haegele is much taken with Rebecca Stead's First Light: Young Adult Reader | Beautiful book about 2 worlds, realities tenuously linked.

During the past week ...

... Peter Rozovsky looked at Swedish crime fiction:
Killing's not the key to Swedish novelists.

... and Ed Colimore studied some tunneling: Historian digs up tale of a tunnel dreamer .

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