Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Visit my neighborhood ...

... Professor Putnam: Bowling With Our Own.

"In the 41 sites Putnam studied in the U.S., he found that the more diverse the neighborhood, the less residents trust neighbors."

Well, I live in a pretty diverse neighborhood. It's called the Italian Market District and there are still plenty of Italian American residents and stores. But there is also a Lebanese American community - which just held its annual three-day festival. Right around the corner are the new Mexican restaurants and grocery stores. And a couple of blocks from my front door is the Wing Phat Plaza. Mexican and Vietnamese families live on my very block! And we all say hi to each other and seem to get along and if we mistrust each other it sure isn't apparent to me.
When Debbie and I venture into the suburbs what bothers us is, well, the lack of diversity. Guess we're weird.

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