Friday, June 22, 2007

What a surprise ...

... What Dickens Character Are You?

I wouldn't have guessed this about me.

What Dickens Character Are You?

Esther Summerson, from the book Bleak House. You are the nicest person EVER! You have so many friends because you treat everyone with respect. You're also very idealistic and root for the underdog, which is ironic because you're mother is a Lady and super rich. You have many admirers but you don't seem to notice becuase you don't have very high self esteem. You end up marrying the honey of your dreams, Allan Woodcourt, who's a doctor! You go girl!
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  1. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I would certainly have guessed this about you, Frank!

  2. Anonymous11:28 AM

    I turned out to be Walter Gay from "Dombey and Son." Now that's interesting. I hadn't thought about that novel for years, though I did want to name our daughter "Florence" after its heroine (Allan nixed it).

    Methinks that's the Dickens novel where an old house in the middle of London *falls down* -- collapses beneath the weight of its poor construction and hundreds of years. No doubt something Dickens had seen or read about himself and written about for one of his magazines ("All the Year Round," and the other one I can't remember).

    Want to read some good Dickens? Read his long non-fiction essays. Had he lived today, he'd certainly be a staff writer for The New Yorker.