Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hooray for Inquirer Books!

What can I say? I find new reviews exciting.

Susan Balée appreciates the animals in Jon Katz's Dog Days: Sometimes you feel like a mutt . . . so fetch this

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  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Hey, Elizabeth -- thanks for the link. I'm only just now seeing it. I'm the woman who was sitting at Frank's desk earlier this afternoon with my son, the one who told you how much I've been enjoying your stuff on this blog and your great essay about growing up with Harry Potter.

    At 13, my son is a budding writer and it did him good to see a 19-year-old Stanford student working side-by-side with the big guns in the Features Dept.

    "I really want to work at a newspaper," he said as we left. Thanks, Ms. Fox!