Thursday, July 19, 2007

The trouble with the media (cont'd.) ...

... or Mondern Journalism in a Nutshell.

Geez, what a dim-witted argument to advance.

Then, there's this: All journalism, all the time.


  1. Well, what do you think of my argument, Frank? I'd be interested in hearing.

  2. I think that you make a good point - that the observation of life can get in the way of living it. On the other hand, there is Socrates' point - I think it was Socrates' - that the unexamined life is not worth living. So I think there must be a way of balancing all this. The journals people like Thoreau and Emerson kept seemed almost to enhance their lives. And I do think that the more citizens doing their own observing, recording and thinking, the better. Relying on "professionals" can prove so unreliable.

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  4. I appreciate the point. I would propose that "examination" in real time may hardly be examination at all, however -- and that instantaneous digital recording (am I even getting sentimental for "waiting for the film to come back? Hardly!) is also not, necessarily, the ideal mediium for reflection!

    Thanks for responding!