Monday, October 08, 2007

Credulous atheist ...

... Richard Dawkins may not believe in God, but he does believe that the Israel lobby is all its critics make it out to be: Atheists arise. (Hat tip, dave Lull.)

More here.

And yes, I did remove the anti-Jewish rantings that were posted as comments. So don't bother posting any more of them, whoever it was who did so.


  1. Anonymous6:24 AM

    You'4re pathetic, Frank. Bishop Tutu's comments are described as anti-Jewish rantings. Einstein's letter to the New York Times the same. And the true story of the vile abuse of Sephardi youths, Jewish children by the way...all anti-Jewish rantings. I have no idea why you seem to consider yourself a Christian since your obvious loyalty is to worldly rulers and their actions, no matter how evil; the kind of people Jesus repeatedly wanred against. Bishoip Tutu is a real Christian, whom you see fit to slander as a hate filled anti-Semite. Even Dawkins, whose mistake is that of an intellectual error, is apparently more of a Christian than you are. You are simply a slave to nationalist rulers with no apparent concern for actions, once they are perpetrated by the "right people". Why do you consider yourself a Christian,since all the things posted were true and very easily verified. You are simply a coward and a Fascist with a Christian membership card in your back pocket that means nothing.

  2. Anonymous7:03 AM

    You might even have noticed that the Tutu comments posted purposely included very strong praise for Jewish people. You also might realise that Israel is a political entity, and the comments posted were in relation to the actions of the rulers of this political entity. Why people imagine that these rulers-and who tends to rule but those attracted to power-are intrinsically united to the religious faith of Judaism and that any criticism of their actions amounts to being anti-Jewish rantings is embarrassingly stupid. This intellectual stupidity of linking political power with religion is a falsity used to justify the kind of abuses Einsein and Bishoip Tutu were so dismayed by, and in itself the real hatred of Judaism, linking as it does the actions of very unreligious men to faith in a good and just God.
    "I am the Lord thy God. Thouh shalt not have false Gods before me."
    That, needless to say, includes what often amounts to the abomination of nation worship, which in religious terms is perhaps Satanism under another guise, as shown by people's willingness to accept the most evil of actions if committed yb the priests of this sword wielding faith.
    But, of course, I am simply a Jewish hating bigot as is Bishop Tutu, and unlike yourself, the true Christian.

  3. Hey incredulous. This is my blog, not yours. What appears here is what I choose to let appear here. How you conflate my citing Dawkins for buying into anti-Israeli lobby propaganda into a statement about my Christian beliefs is beyond me. But I am quite familair with the "I'm not ant-Semitc, just anti-Zionist" rhetoric, and I don't buy it. And I don't give a damn what your opinion of me is. I suggest you find another blog to rant at. But I'll let your most recent remarks stand.