Thursday, December 06, 2007

Minority report ...

... B.R. Myers on Denis Johnson: A Bright Shining Lie.

The examples of the prose are pretty damning.


  1. For a link to a commenter who takes exception to the nature of B.R. Myers' review, and a discussion of that commenter's comments, see
    "Who’s the Wanker?"

    And for another "Minority Report" review see Patrick Kurp's "Denis Johnson does stint in Vietnam in his latest novel, Tree of Smoke: Bloat gives eighth book volume, but there's little substance."

  2. Assuming the passages are quoted accurately, this great writer has written the worst opening sentence since The Da Vinci Code's.
    Detectives Beyond Borders
    "Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

  3. Daniel Green says that "[a]s a piece of literary criticism, [Myers' review is] pretty wretched."