Monday, May 19, 2008

Good to know ...

... Two New Online Literary Ventures.

The Kenyon Review Online has been out there for a while, actually. I was interviewed by them - a couple of years ago, I think. But it has obviously developed very nicely since then.


  1. It may have developed nicely .. but I don't think they 'get it' yet what's happening.

    " By and large, pieces appearing electronically will be distinct from work in the printed version of The Kenyon Review. I like to think of those pages as timeless. After all, readers turn to them for pleasure and enlightenment years and even decades after they first appear.

    KR Online, however, will definitely be more timely, published more quickly than we’re able to do with print. And the pieces here will also be a little more experimental, a little more “out there.” Who knows?—maybe a little sassier too."

    -Kenyon Review's Editor

    Thinking the print work 'timeless' and the online 'experimental' tells me they're stuck in the 20th century about who they are .. and why not. But they're too timid about what century they actually live in for my taste. But then, they never had much use for me and mine, EVER. Why should I reward them with attention because nowadays they've figured out how to be 'experimental' about the net?


  2. Well, I hope they read your comments, Blue, because the points you make are sound. They still seem to me to be farther ahead of the curve than most newspapers.